8 Business Hacks that Won't Break Your Budget

These Business Hacks Will Grow Your Brand Exposure

It doesn't get any better than the business hacks you will find in this article. Keep reading to find out more!

Brand awareness and exposure can have a significant impact on a business. Brand awareness is important when launching new products and services. It also plays a large role in getting customers to return.

Many businesses are using social media and other hacks to increase brand exposure. In fact, 65% of adults use social media sites.

Businesses often overlook simple business hacks to increase brand awareness. This is because they may be hard to measure in effectiveness.

Without breaking the bank, here are some simple hacks for businesses to use to increase their exposure to consumers.

1. Effective Tools

Once completing a service or sale to a customer, what keeps them coming back?

Business hacks to start using revolves around ongoing brand awareness tools. These are tools such as:

  • Newsletters
  • Promotions
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Conferences

Many of these tools are available online and do not cost much or at all. Get your client's emails for a quick newsletter subscription. Too many emails about a promotion can become annoying, however. Businesses need to be aware of how frequent these tools are being used.

These tools help to create brand loyalty with customers. Retaining customers' business is key to sustainability.


2. Visit Your Competitors

One of the most simple business hacks to use revolves around your competitors. What are they offering that your business is not?

Recognize what your competitors are doing for their brand exposure. Whenever you receive a new customer, find out who they used before. Also, find out why they switched to you instead.

Identify why customers choose a competitor with their offerings. You can then adjust your own offering to beat that of the competitor.

Keeping reports on competitors is beneficial by knowing what you're up against to continue to expand the brand.

3. Network in Person

Business hacks sometimes require members to host events in person. Events or seminars are a great way to promote a product or service. It doesn't even have to be a large event with many sponsors and stalls.

Networking, in person, is more personable and allows for better networking. Every person you meet is another brand exposure effort

If meetings in person are not a possibility, consider holding an online seminar. Not only do they boost branding efforts, but they also help businesses stand as an authority in the industry.

4. Blog

Blogging is one of the best business hacks that is cost-effective. There are many tactics to use to gain an audience using a blog.

Blogs also are not tied down to a specific topic. Sometimes, obscure or niche articles are the best at gaining traffic.

Not only are you getting brand exposure, but others may end up showing others the blog, too. Over time, the blogging process can work for you to gain referral traffic, leads, and customers.

Just make sure you're writing quality content and on a schedule.

5. Local Partnerships

Business hacks sometimes require the help of others. Consider partnering with other local businesses. Start to sponsor local sports teams. Donate or set up a charity event, or book fun hunting and fishing trips with others.

People should view the business in a positive light. Businesses that are revered will be more likely to gain customers and more business. Plus, word of mouth is another way to gain exposure.

Partnerships help gain exposure for both businesses. Getting your brand plastered around the town and on event pages can launch a business's future immensely.

6. Referral Programs

Clients will help spread the word about a product or service if they know they'll gain a perk for doing so.

This process can help save marketing and advertising dollars. Referral programs keep loyal customers coming back while also exposing the brand to others. Essentially, the customers are doing advertising for the business.

There are many incentives that businesses could use in their referral programs. From discounts to free items, referral programs build brands and bring in paying customers.

7. Freemium

Business hacks sometimes only work for businesses that offer products (especially web-based). Many companies offer a free version of their service to potential customers. The reason being is hoping the person tests the product before purchasing it.

The free products tend to have watermarks or promos as a subtle branding strategy. Regardless of if the program is free, it can gain more exposure for the business. Inevitably, some will choose to pay for the product.

8. Social Media Business Hacks

As mentioned previously, social media plays a large role in modern business.

There are many different social media platforms to choose from, but the goal is the same. Brand awareness reaches more people through technology easier than before.

How can you use social media as one of the best business hacks? The secret is consistency. Social media users on average will spend about five years of their life using the tools.

Businesses should incorporate social media into their marketing strategies. Posts that are relevant to the products and services are what people look for the most. While being personable is also key, maintaining professionalism is also important.

Note that some social media sites will not be the best depending on your business. Some are more photo-heavy, while others are text-based. Know where your audiences hang and focus on those networks.

To Wrap It Up

Cheap, effective business hacks are out there. They may not all work for one business, but testing them out could net big results.

Building brand awareness starts from within and can have a great impact on customer relations. Customers also need a reason to become returning clients, and hacks such as these can help.

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