How to Float to the Top: A Local Plumbers Guide to SEO

Take out your plumber marketing checklist. You have a website with effective and responsive design. You created social media pages and are active on them. And you created your Google My Business page so Google recognizes your business.

Is that everything? Nope -- you're missing a crucial digital marketing strategy. That strategy is SEO.

How are your clients finding your business? They go on Google and search for relevant terms. You have to ensure your business is appearing on these search results.


But here's the million dollar question -- how do you use SEO? Here's an easy-to-follow SEO guide for all local plumbers.

Publish High-Quality Content

SEO comprises of a myriad of strategies that manipulate Google's algorithm. But Google is smarter than you think. Google knows when you're bucking the system with keyword stuffing and bad linking practices.

So how do you change Google's algorithm without looking spammy? Simple -- create content that appeals to your audience. This tells Google your SEO efforts are being put to good use.

Regularly publish educational content in your niche.

In the plumbing world, there are a variety of topics to write about. Some of these include "what to do when your toilet is clogged," "plumbing maintenance FAQs," and "why you need emergency plumbing."

Take Keywords from Competitors

Now you know you need to write great content. But how do you optimize that content for SEO? You use high-performing keywords. These keywords should have high traffic but low difficulty and low competition.

Your keywords should also follow your niche. Where is the best place to find keywords? From your competitors, of course! Use competitor keyword research to find the best keywords and strive to beat your competitors in searches.

Use a combination of general and evergreen plumbing keywords and also localized plumbing keywords.


No, we're not telling you to take a nap.

Creating a Google My Business listing is essential. But how does Google better display their local business results? They use something called NAP. This is an acronym that stands for name, address, and phone number.

The best way to increase your NAP performance is by displaying your NAP on every web page. It's recommended you use this information as a header on every website page.

Other Important SEO Elements

SEO consists of many strategies to boost your search engine performance. These strategies include:

  • Linking
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Technical SEO (crawling and indexing your web pages, site audits, etc.)
  • Off-site SEO
  • On-site SEO

Use and monitor these strategies for higher search engine ranking.

Still Need Help?

Have you used these strategies and still need help with SEO? Read this SEO guide for plumbers or seek an SEO expert.

Local Plumbers Need SEO to Gain More Customers

All local plumbers need an SEO campaign to achieve digital success. Over time, you'll notice better web attention and more customers.

Don't let your digital success fall down the toilet! Use these tips to improve your search engine ranking!

For more SEO help, visit our search engine optimization section.