5 Essential Trade Show Tips That Generate Crowds to Your Booth

While business analysts and pundits are quick to claim that the digital realm is the new battleground for attracting customers, face-to-face encounters with potential clients is still an essential recipe for success.

Trade shows have been been a key component of business success for decades. Statistics have shown that trade shows are still one of the most effective and profitable B2B marketing tactics in America, attracting billions in business every year.

However, those who are new to trade shows may be wondering, what is the key to trade show success? If you're looking for some trade show tips to get the crowds pouring in, follow this essential guide. 


1. Trade Show Tips: Do Your Research

One of the most important trade show tips is to do as much research as possible before you begin.

It is essential that you look and sound like an authority in your industry. in a B2B setting like a trade show, the one thing that potential clients are looking for is expertise.

Make sure you're fully prepared and ready to answer any and all questions that might come your way. 

2. Draw in the Crowds 

You might be the best business in your industry, but no-one will ever know that if you can't draw the crowds in. One of the most important trade show tips for exhibitors to remember is that you'll need to stand out, be loud, and know-how to grab attention.

Fortunately, there is a thriving cottage industry based on teaching businesses how to attract the crowds.

Companies such as getcrowds.com have sprung up in recent years solely to train would-be exhibitors on how to ensure all eyes are on them at any trade show. 

3. Engage on Social Media   

In recent years, an attentive social media presence has been established as one of the central trade show best practices.

This means live updates throughout the day. it also means engaging with followers immediately and meaningfully.

This could mean answering questions or simply retweeting any photos of your booth. Make sure to follow all the latest social media tips for B2B businesses. 

4. Have an Assistant 

This one may have slipped your mind, but it's just as crucial as the rest. Imagine you're alone at the trade booth, and suddenly you need the bathroom.

In the short time that you're gone, hundreds of potential customers could have strolled right past your empty booth.

Having a trained assistant means that your booth can be manned 100% of the time, so no customer will go unnoticed. 

5. Be Generous 

Of all of the trade show booth tips listed here, none are more important for making customers remember you than being generous. Have plenty of gifts and merchandise to give away on the day.

Try and choose gifts that are useful to your target audience, that you can be confident that they will actually use.

Always be prepared to make competitive offers and discounts on the spot. The worst thing you can be at a trade show is stingy. 

Getting the Most out of Your Trade Show Booth

To learn more about getting those customers after using our trade show tips, make sure to read all of our brand building articles to see how your company can stand out from the crowd, whatever your field.