5 Genius Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

Would you like to attract more potential customers and close more deals, without spending a fortune on marketing? You're in the right place! Check out this list of 5 genius ways to generate leads for your business.


While the amount varies between industries, on average, companies are spending way too much on lead generation.

With all the products and services guaranteeing to help you generate leads and build your audience, it's hard to know what works. Thankfully there are some inexpensive ways to get the job done.

Here are 5 ways you should be generating leads that you're sure to be able to turn into customers.

1. Be Mobile Ready

As mobile browsing has definitely surpassed desktop browsing, it's essential for you to be ready to be seen everywhere on mobile devices.

Your first step is to make sure your site looks great and loads quickly on mobile devices and tablets. If you're still in the process of designing your site or you're in the middle of a redesign, take a "mobile first" approach. Making sure that your site looks good on mobile devices first will make it much easier to make it look good on desktops than trying to work in the other direction.

Next, you need to invest in promoting your site in more meaningful ways. Buy ad space on applications and sites that your customers use the most.

With targeted and calculated ad buying, you can make sure that the leads you generate are relevant to the clients who see them. Use keywords that are specific and meaningful to your audience.

2. Get To Know Local SEO

Make sure that you're targeting your local audience as well. Get an understanding of local SEO.

Search engine keywords that help search engines to connect your most local clients to you will generate better leads.

When you search for "pizza", you're more likely to get connected to pizzerias near where you're searching from than to the history of pizza. That's because search engines know that when people want products and services, they want them ASAP.

Local SEO means that you'll be using the name of your city, your neighborhood, or your geographical region all over your site. When you use local SEO, you can build a strong and dedicated client base.

As most businesses try to compete with the biggest names in the industry, they often overlook the local market. They are trying to steal leads away from publicly traded businesses with billions in dollars in annual sales. That leaves smaller enterprises or local clients to feel underserved.

Most people would rather have one local provider of products and services who they know personally than save a dollar for a national brand they know nothing about. When you build a local following, you rush people through your sales funnel through word of mouth and a sincere connection.

3. Get Twitter Leads

Twitter is more than a place for reading news and responding to customer complaints. It can also be a source of leads and a way for your clients to spread the word.

There are data analytics tools that can help you to investigate who your followers are so that you can pitch to them more accurately. They can also tell you which times your followers are most likely to tweet so you can be sure that every tweet has an audience.

When you are able to whittle down the details of your niche, you can save time and effort from trying to pitch to the wrong audience. You can also find influencers who people look to for tips on products and services in your industry. Reaching out to them will help to amplify your lead generation tactics.

If you're interested in taking advantage of social media lead generation, check out this resource to read more.

4. Take Advantage of Databases

If you haven't created a database of potential customers and leads, you need to tap into someone else's. Services like data.com can help you to identify leads. The potential leads for your business are out there waiting to be found.

You need to use a service that can give you provide relevant and up to date contact information.

Whether you're on the consumer side of things or working in the B2B space, you need to cut down on the time it takes to identify leads. If most of your energy is in spent trying to find leads to connect with, you're not using your time and resources wisely.

If you can get an extensive set of data, you could see your sales ride a serious spike. Imagine cutting down on 25% of the work you do to find leads and devoting that time to ushering prospects through your sales funnel.

5. Start Blogging

When people use search engines, they're often either looking for the answer to a question or for one specific product. When you write a blog, you can capture both types of clients at the same time. Each blog post can help to solve a problem and offer your products and services as the specific solution to that problem.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience and talk about the advantages of using your products. It's rare that you get the opportunity to generate leads based on the details fo what makes your products and services so great. With a blog, you can devote the time to digging into the details with your leads already invested in the information.

With a blog, you can also end up getting listed multiple times on the first page of search engine results. It will take some time to build that following, but with strong keyword research and powerful calls to action embedded on each page, you'll be generating leads fast.

Commenting on other blogs and guest blogging is a way to increase the impact of blogging on your business. You can go into forums where people are curious about products and services related to your business and offer real solutions via links to your own blog.

Don't Trust Promises To Generate Leads

Very few companies can truly deliver on the promise to generate leads. Even if they can, it's hard to know if those leads will be valuable. Following the tactics above, you'll be able to filter out the noise and focus on people who truly want your products and services.

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