7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Headshots

What's in a face? It holds what may be the next person good for the job. It may hold the next successful entrepreneur of the year.

Whichever it may be, a professional photo with your face on it can make or break your career.

A face also puts personality to a name, especially on social media. In fact, job recruiters turn to social media when searching for candidates. A whopping 94% turn to LinkedIn first!

Not convinced yet? Here are seven reasons why your business needs professional headshots:


1. It Makes You Look Like a Professional

One reason behind having a good headshot is to make a good first impression. With a professional headshot, you have a photo that makes you appear competent with the field you hold expertise in. A good professional headshot makes you look the part.

2. It Helps You Take Yourself Seriously

By investing in professional headshots, you make a conscious action to take yourself and your business seriously. This can prove to be an advantage when trying to land a professional contract. It also improves your mindset and view of yourself.

3. It Gives Your Business a Personal Touch

Personal headshots give your business a personal touch to it. Whether this is in your brochure or on the About Us section of your website, it gives the business a sense of ownership.

This also adds a human element to your business, helping people trust you and your services.

4. It Enhances the Biography Page

Did you know that the biography or About Us page often gets the most web traffic compared to the other sections of your website? With this in mind, having professional headshots of yourself and your staff enhances the page and makes your business friendlier.

5. It Makes You Stand Out

If you are applying for a job, a professional headshot can give you a better chance of landing one. Having a high-resolution photo of yourself on your application form stands out more than the poor quality photos taken from a mobile phone. With it, you can please recruiters, important contacts, and potential employers.

6. It Works With Marketing and Branding

A professional headshot can also impact marketing and branding.Your face is part of your marketing collateral and acts as your company brand. Having a professional take your photo instead of an amateurish shot can make a difference in making you approachable to customers.

7. It Puts a Face to a Name

Your face is also associated with your business. By providing a good headshot, you allow customers to have a more personal experience with you and your services.

You create a sense of trust because of it. If you want to have a professional headshot for your business, check out Mike Sansone Photography today.

Use Professional Headshots

Professional headshots hold but a small amount to invest on. Despite this, it can still provide a lot of impact on your business. Consider investing a bit on this and bring your best foot forward today.

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