8 SEO Trends You Need to Know For 2019

Learning about SEO trends will carry your business far. By learning the best practices for getting your page to the top of Google, you'll be able to build your brand in a consistent way.

This article breaks down the top trends of search engine optimization this year. SEO is something that keeps evolving, so you need to understand the practices that get results.


Follow these tips to learn what will help you win in 2019.

1. Focus on Voice Optimization

Using voice search optimization is essential in 2019.

Think about how you use your own device -- chances are great that you've conversed with Siri at least a couple of times. This is the new way that people search for information, and this will only continue as the popularity of smartwatches and other wearables grows.

If you aren't beginning to build with voice optimization in mind, you will eventually get left behind. By making the switch right now, you will be better able to start raking in the results that count.

2. Utilize Featured Snippets

When you search Google, sometimes you have a simple question and don't necessarily want to navigate through a site to find it.

That's why Google has started included featured snippets, which break down bullet points of information from websites. By creating some featured snippets of your own for answers to questions, you'll improve your site's SEO standing.

3. Carve Out Your Own Market Space Rather Than Following the Crowd

Sometimes it pays to take the road less traveled.

Hungry marketers often make the mistake of trying to perfect a trail that someone else already blazed. Instead of doing this, always strive to be at the cause instead of the effect.

If you are starting a sports blog and know that you have an interesting take on it, don't wait for validation by seeing if anyone else has done it. Worse, don't follow the path that someone else carved out to see if it'll work for you.

There are huge amounts of market share out there to be created, but the majority of marketers cluster to the same strategies and approaches. Create your own lane and the rewards will be bigger for you.

4. Create the Best Content Possible and Make Great Use of Your Links

Learning more about creating the hottest and most informative content will always keep you relevant from an SEO perspective.

Creating content that people crave will always be the best SEO strategy to follow. Once you figure out what makes your brand special, you need to focus on creating a plethora of content that will get you a following.

You need to be sure that your content provides a lot of value and that you go in-depth. The more you lay the foundation with great content, the more it'll pay off for you in the long run.

Aside from just creating blog content, be sure that you also include worthwhile links.

When you're able to use link building to your advantage, your site and brand will always be a winner. Be sure that you're using a mixture of internal links and external links so that you're in good hands.

5. Do Your Best to Create an Amazing User Experience

Aside from strategies, statistics and conversions, you flat out need to be creating an amazing user experience for the people that visit your website.

This pays huge dividends for you and allows you to keep people on your website for longer periods of time. Since don't spend much time on websites these days without clicking out, so you need to maximize on whatever time you get.

Test your user experience, again and again, to be sure you're site is always fulfilling its purpose.

6. Get Rid of Pages That Aren't Doing Anything For You

It's important that you always take the time to update your site -- and this means deleting sites that aren't helping you.

You might think it's no big deal, but dead pages or pages that don't provide valuable will bring your entire SEO value down. By getting rid of these pages, you free your site up to elevate.

7. Make As Much Video As You Can

You'll need to create loads of videos if you hope to get the most out of your search engine optimization in 2019.

This is the way that people prefer to digest content today, so you should give your public what they're looking for. Taking the time to create plenty of videos allows you to also grow your brand and evolve the way that you are choosing to tell stories.

8. Always Focus on Mobile in 2019

When you're working on SEO, the job isn't done unless you're also focusing on mobile devices.

The more that you look into mobile SEO, the better off your brand will be. Mobile device reach and use are already huge, and you shouldn't expect this to slow down. Because of this, you need to access your searchers by making your site mobile optimized.

Put These SEO Trends to Work

These SEO trends are bonafide winners in 2019. The more that you know about search engine optimization, the easier it'll be for you to thrive and grow your brand.

Take advantage of the trends mentioned in this article, and also never hesitate to reach out to some professionals that can take your SEO to new heights.

Consider these tips and keep us in mind when you're looking for the latest search engine news and information.