8 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Real Estate Postcard Marketing Campaign

Have you not gotten the results you want out of your digital real estate postcard marketing campaign. Read here for 8 tips to make your efforts successful!


Advertising experts agree that print marketing can bring in a higher return on investment than digital ads. Because ads and promotions inundate the online experience, printed marketing has become a rarity. It's also never been cheaper to put together a plan.

The real estate market requires a lot of personal interaction. That's what makes it the perfect industry to take advantage of printed advertising, even as everything else goes digital.

A real estate postcard marketing campaign can have a stronger impact on your audience than a digital campaign. If you've done the research to understand your real estate audience, the right postcard will help to seal the deal. Follow these 8 tips to make a big splash with your real estate postcard.

1. Make A Plan

When advertising, you should advertise one thing. While you might want to get people excited about your business as a whole, tell them about one specific promotion or specialty.

Speak broadly about how much of an impact that one service can make in your customers' lives. Focus on your specific purpose and make sure there's value built into the message, as in "investing in X will give you Y".

Take risks and don't be boring. Even if you spend most of your time worrying about new media marketing, you can take as many fun risks in print marketing.

2. Make Them Pop

Hire a professional photographer if you need to take photos for your postcard. Avoid stock photos whenever possible to ensure that your postcard is unique.

Use strong colors to describe your message and focus on your audience's style. If you expect your audience to be more into luxury and high-end services, make sure your card reflects that aspect of your business. Show class and style with beautiful and unique images.

Strong graphics can either make a big statement or distract from great photos. Make sure you balance everything out. Ask yourself how each element helps to build on that one specific promotion you're advertising.

If you struggle with design, work with a company that specializes in sending photo postcards online. This will help you put together an idea of how your marketing campaign can look in real life.

3. Be Economical

Don't cut corners with your real estate postcard marketing campaign, but take care not to overload your card with bells and whistles. Make sure the message is simple and that there is no extra text needed.

Pretend that every word costs you $1,000. Keep yourself from giving the story of your entire business and writing a novel on the back of your card. You're going to need to leave space for postage and address labels.

Keep your audience focused on your message by limiting extra or distracting words from your postcard.

4. Use Tight Headlines

Make sure your headline has action words and isn't open to interpretation. Your postcard needs to incite one specific action from your audience. Whether you want them to call you or to check out your website, make sure the direction is clear.

Postcards should communicate simple information. Your real estate postcard marketing campaign is no exception. You're generating leads and you need to build interest.

There's no need to explain everything about your company. Once they get into contact with you, you can close the deal.

5. Give A Deadline

Postcards are one of the best ways to deliver a message that has a deadline. Make the expiration date big and bold. Let them know that their offer is about to expire.

You'll see a spike in calls and contact emails if you give a strong enough deadline.

You can also use postcards to follow up with customers who've talked to you about working together. Remind them to renew their contract or services through a simple postcard.

It might take a few tries but there will be a sweet spot for how much time is too much time for customers and how much is too little. Usually giving customers 30 days or less helps to spur sales.

6. Use Both Sides

Your boldest images and brightest colors should be on the front side of your card. The side where you don't need to save room for your address labels is where you can take the biggest risks. Treat it like a poster or ad for your company.

Get your customers excited on the front side and use the back side to call them to action. The side with your address is where you should have your contact information and details for your offer.

Once you've struck a chord with the front side, drawing in a lead from the back side of your real estate postcard marketing material should be a breeze.

7. Don't Skimp On Printing

You should invest in full-color glossy printing. When customers see your card, you want it to have a strong impact. Cheap printing and colors that look pale won't do.

A glossy card won't fade when light hits it and will withstand contact with water or heat. With improvements made in color printing, there's no reason your card shouldn't draw the attention that you deserve.

8. Go Big

Cards that are oddly sized stand out from the rest of your mail. They're a great choice if you're a new business aiming to make a splash. Cards that are 6 x 11 give you the chance to say a lot and show even more.

Include coupons and promotions on the back side and your card will end up tacked to refrigerators all over your region.

Real Estate Postcard Marketing Works

Above everything else, your cards will end up in hands and let your clients know who you are. Great cards come down to great design and that's up to you. Have a few friends take a glance at your card before you go ahead and order a million and a half.

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