Best Online Tools for Content Marketers

Online Tools a Content Marketer Must Know and Use

Remember the famous quote by Bill Gates? He stated, "Content is King!". Indeed, many recent researchers prove this point. However, the content needs to be evaluated against several criteria, and a content marketer should answer several questions: is it topical, does it bring value, does it have a potential to go viral, how much traffic you can predict from the content you created? But first of all, content marketing needs to be approached by professionals in writing industry. Such companies usually keep abreast of trending topics and guarantee creativity for content marketers. If you are reading this, then you definitely know the value of content marketing and already use it as part of your marketing strategies. In this article we will give introduce you to the top online tools you should start using right away.

Get the most out of your productivity with these online content marketing tools Studies reveal that almost 88% business-to-business marketers use effective content marketing strategies. They probably wouldn't be efficient if marketers didn't use special tools and services that are designed to assist professionals in advertising.


This is huge! It provides tons of useful information for search engine marketing. Get inspired with SEMRush's features to track your competitors' ads or analyze what keywords they focus on in their content marketing. Don't just surrender to bigger companies in your industry! See what keyword brings a lot of organic traffic in your niche and go for it. It's important to mention that SEO backlinks strategies still play the pivotal role in ranking. SEMRush allows you to check the backlinks the TOP 10 sites in your industry have. Analyze your competitors with SEMRush and make it work for you! Moreover, SEMRush is available for trial period, so you can easily learn what you can benefit from using this service.


No hype will be created over the content that is not trending. And how do you know what is on everybody's tongue? Good news! You don't need to spend hours searching for topical issues now. Use BuzzSumo to get hint of what content works best for your industry. Apart from that, this platform is incredible since it allows you to find influencers, opinion leaders and reach out to them. Or you can analyze recent posts from those people and be on the same page about the most popular and shareable content. BuzzSumo also allows you to keep an eye on your competitors and will alert you when they post something new so you can strategize from that point on.

Kred Service

Kred is yet another tool to connect with influencers in your industry that you might want to pay heed to. Aside from outreaching opinion leaders, Kred helps you build and strengthen your own online presence. Your online image and brand name will boost your performance once they gain trust and credibility from online communities.

Master Visuals with Canva

An alternative to demanding Photoshop (in terms of money and skills), Canva service helps your content posts attract more traffic with appealing images. The best thing here is the pre-built set of templates which you can use to create something attractive even if you lack design skills. Canva is FREE! That being said, creating enthralling visual content has never been easier with Canva. Choose different layouts for social media platforms, drag and drop various elements, and change backgrounds in just a couple of clicks.

Tools for Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with your subscribers via email is a huge part of marketing strategy online and you should never underestimate it. There're many services you can use for email marketing. Check out MailChimp, Unisender, etc. Monitor advanced statistics, access and manage your accounts from any device and learn how to use their in-built features for composing an engaging email. Advanced content marketing specialists can make use of automation features and triggers.

Grammarly - correct your mistakes

Let's be honest, if an article has many mistakes, you will close it immediately. Content marketing requires perfect grammar and spelling if you target serious people with marketing. Use this service to check and polish your posts before publishing and sharing it. It also provides add-on for Chrome; you can use it to check every tab for mistakes and act accordingly.

Content marketing is an enormous part of overall marketing strategy. Doing everything manually is in the past. Using modern online tools is more a necessity now if you want to stay competitive in the market.


Marilynn Davis

Marilynn is a content marketer and essay writer at Years of experience in writing have taught her the best ways and strategies to boost the brand's online presence with content marketing.