How to Launch a Great Digital Marketing Project on a Budget

Effective and Cheap Startup Digital Marketing Methods

Are you an entrepreneur on a budget? You probably need startup digital marketing strategies. Find out the cheapest and most effective digital marketing methods.


Understanding the world of digital marketing does not happen right away. For startups and big businesses alike, it often takes a bit of trial and error to find the best tools for each company's needs.

The main difference is, though, that startups cannot afford to waste as much time or money as corporations can. If you're an entrepreneur, you know exactly what we mean.

You need a startup digital marketing strategy you can count on to get things going. Once you have established an online presence, play with different ways of expanding it.

Here is everything you need to know to start off on the right foot.

Identify a Set of Goals

Before you start browsing the web and looking into the best SEO opportunities, you need to know what you're looking to get out of your startup digital marketing efforts.

Maybe your focus is on getting as much exposure as possible in a short amount of time. Maybe you want to build a strong foundation for your internet presence over a longer period.

Are you looking to create digital conversions or to get traffic in the door of your brick and mortar?

All these details are worth thinking about. The more you identify your goals, the better you can create a proper startup digital marketing approach to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Don't forget to consider your audience, either.

After all, any goal you choose comes back to them.

Have a clear, deep understanding of who your ideal buyer is. Give this person a name, a job, a range of spendable income and a set of hobbies. Create all of your digital marketing initiatives as if you were speaking directly to this individual.

Find the Right Resources and Opportunities

Got your list of goals ready and your perfect customer in mind?

Great - this is where the real work begins. Now it's time to decide which tools you will use to make your initiatives happen. You may have to pick and choose some tools over others, depending on your startup digital marketing budget.

Luckily, most of the choices below can be free or low-cost.

Visual and Written Content

If you have a nice camera and/or a talent for writing, your wallet doesn't have to worry too much about creating content.

Maybe you just have one or the other. That is fine, start with what you have and work what you don't into your budget.

Sometimes, you can trade services with other content creators in your area. See if you can swap a photoshoot for the copywriting you need for your website and email campaigns or vice versa.

If you don't have a knack for any form of content generation, pick up this skill.

You can choose photography, writing, or even graphics and web development. Just make the time to do something - this will offset digital marketing costs now and in the future.

Web Design

Speaking of creating content, you need a place to put it all!

One of the best investments you can make when planning a startup digital marketing project is to upgrade your website. If you are starting from scratch, don't cut corners just to get a domain up and running.

Make sure your landing pages are as best optimized as they can be. Use your industry keywords, work relevant visuals, and focus on every detail from the URL names to the names and alt text of your images.

All of these things are powerful SEO opportunities. But, they perform better aligned than they do on their own. Put all the pieces together as you create your website.

Social Media Marketing

After getting your website up and running, take a moment to expand your online reach further. You will need a bit room in your budget for Facebook and Instagram ads. But, the more important investment here is time.

Social media is all about consistency. To perform well, you need to post a constant flow of content on each channel.

This means planning and scheduling posts ahead of time. It also means responding to user interactions and setting aside time to go live whenever you can, too.

Such initiatives keep your number of followers growing and current followers happy.

Research and Analytics

Whether your main marketing focus is building traffic on your website or engagement on social media, you need research to guide you.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing. Learn from other startups who have successfully launched low-budget digital marketing campaigns.

Try to find the behaviors you can mimic to create your own successes.

Then, check your efforts with online analytics. There are many digital tracking tools out there - the trick is to discover the one that is right for your budget and your needs. This company can help you figure it all out.

Test, Monitor, and Adjust

The more you look into each initiative's performance, the better an idea you have of how well your efforts are performing. This helps you test out different options and weed out the strong strategies from the bad.

It saves you time and money. Plus, testing and monitoring your startup digital marketing campaign puts you in the best possible position to connect with your audience.

This happens as you learn to understand the data in front of you and adjust accordingly. Even something simple like a new hashtag or a different photo can have a powerful difference.

Whenever you aren't sure of what direction to take, use A/B testing. This tool allows you to put two options against one another.

It sends out one set of content to a pool of audience members and the other set to a separate group. Then, you can compare which performed best and make your decision on what stays and what goes.

Master the Art of Startup Digital Marketing

Digital marketing goals are simple to achieve when you know what you're doing. Even with a low budget and the many responsibilities of creating a startup, online success is within reach.

Follow the tips and tricks above and see for yourself!

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