How to Ship Freight Affordably

The basic shipper operates under a few assumptions. Out of all them, one of them is that freight shipping costs are at a constant price.

Any business of any size can level the playing field in shipping and delivery. With careful planning, you can get more money through cheap freight shipping.

When you ship freight, how do you do it? How to ship freight at reduced costs?

In this guide, we'll teach you how to ship something at a lower cost. There are many ways to lower your shipping expenses. All you need is to know how to do them.

Here they are.


1. Opt For LTL Freight Shipping

The first thing you need to consider is to operate using LTL Freight. Less than truckload or LTL is a great service for people with small business. If you have more shipments than a parcel but not enough to fill a truck, this is the option for you.

How LTL shipping works is not very complicated. They take your freight, ship them with others, and delivery them together as a full truckload. When it comes to freight shipping, this is one of the best options for small business.

Here's why:

For one, LTL freights cost less since you are not occupying the entire truck. LTL shippers pay for the entire truckload as a group, known as pooling or consolidation. This cheap freight shipping is a fraction of the cost compared to a whole trailer.

Many shipments from a variety of shippers means cheaper freight ship as well. Consolidation can save you as much as 25% compared to non-pooling freight loads.

2. Research How To Ship Freight

It's crucial for you to learn and research about shippers. You need to compare and contrast shipping offers and deals. Experience can be a difference maker, but new shippers and startups may charge less to prove their mettle.

Understanding how to ship something and the policies involved are essential as well. The market provides different possible options for freight shipping. All you need to do is check on what is best for your situation.

Good knowledge of how to ship freight gives you a chance to take advantage of deals and discounts. Be wary of companies who offer deals but start from a higher price, to begin with.

You want to try and compare shipping companies. Price canvassing during research is vital to get the best freight ship pricing. Proper research can save you a good amount of money in the long run.

3. Get A Steady Lane Volume Contract

Steady lane volume helps maintain consistency. This contract entails you providing consistent freight during a specific time interval. This provides a number of benefits for people who want cheap freight shipping.


Steady lane volume assures a freight carrier that they will have consistent business with you. In exchange for this steady influx of freight ship, carriers will give you a certain discount. Some even provide extra priority for those who work with this contract.

In this type of freight shipping, you also create a business relationship with your carrier. This is great as you can contact your carrier if there is extra work with extra priority.

4. Build Strong Business Relationships for Cheaper Freight Shipping

Even if you don't take steady lane contracts, building a strong relationship with your carrier can lead to cheap freight shipping. Serial rate shopping can work for you once or twice, but this lends to a problem. Severing ties with a carrier you know for pennies on the dollar is bad.

Sure, you're saving a few dollars but you're not making proper business bonds, which is not the best approach. If you can create a long-term strategic business relationship, your carrier will help you on with shipping.

Strategic partnership leads to managerial advantages. These can be anything from better freight ship priorities to better rates.

Shipper-carrier relationships can lead to as much as 10% savings in freight markups.

5. Add More Shipping Lead Time in Freight Shipping

Add some shipping lead time to it. Adding lead times gives you a good array of choices for the shipping method you want for your freight.

Many cheap freight shipping options trade speed for the price. The lower the price for the shipping method, the lesser the priority is. This can lead to delays if you do it on the last minute.

Last minute shipping costs money. Time-sensitive, expedited shipping is expensive. Having good lead time in freight shipping removes the disadvantages of cheap shipping.

You would also want to make the best on all the stages of your freight ship. From pick up, staging to live-loading, you want to plan everything. Have enough time to assess if you have everything ready.

Longer lead times means cheap freight shipping as the carrier prepares everything.

6. Optimize Packaging, Handling and Loading

Improvements in packaging, handling, and loading will save you a lot of money. As you learn how to ship freight with more efficiency, optimize these aspects.

Proper packaging and handling can lessen the space you take in the truck. This gives you a chance to add more to your freight. Optimizing loading can allow you to prevent assessorial charges - as great load times for carriers mean better par time.

Take Advantage of the Many Ways To Ship Freight For Less

When you ship freight, there are ways to reduce costs and save some money. Many of these solutions entail optimizing your business shipping process and building good relationships.

If you try to be vigilant with your freight shipping, you can get more beyond "business as usual" rates. Check if the tips above will work with your current business strategy. Be observant of the trends and keep asking.

If you're not sure how to proceed with an aspect of your business, check out the other guides we have for you.