How to Take Professional Photos for a Business: The Ultimate Guide

Almost 50% of small businesses in the United States still don't have a website.

Without a website, your business is missing out on a large customer base. Instead of losing customers and money, it's time to step up to the plate and create your own online presence. One of the most important aspects of your website will be the images you include.

Keep reading to learn how to take professional photos for your website to bring your business into the 21st century.


Keep Your Content Simple

When it comes to professional business photos, you want to make sure you keep your images simple. You may think that you need flashy, busy images to grab the attention of your customers, but these could actually deter them away. And, if your photography skills aren't the greatest, trying to take complicated photos will only magnify this.

Instead, make sure every image is taken in a well-lit room or outside. The lighting is the most important thing when it comes to photography.

From there, you want to keep the backgrounds of your photos minimal. Avoid taking photos in cluttered rooms or in a busy outdoor location. Instead, focus on the subject of your images and don't leave anything in the frame that may distract the viewer.

Diversify Image Types

To take professional pictures, you'll want to make sure you're diversifying your image types. If every page of your website has the exact same image or the exact same angle, the customer may easily become bored and click away. Instead, keep the content fresh and keep the customer engaged.

Here are some simple image types to consider:

  • Professional headshots of employees for the About or Contact pages
  • Product shots on a blank background for your Shop or Purchase pages
  • Lifestyle images, (think unposed) of your product or service in use for your blogs or home page

If you focus on capturing a few good photos of each of these image types, you'll have a decent amount of content to start your website.

Edit Carefully and Strategically

Now that you know how to take a professional photo, it's time to edit the image before posting it online.

There are a lot of editing options out there so it can be easy to get carried away. For professional images, focus on increasing the brightness, cropping out any distractions, and correcting any color balance issues. Many photo editing programs have an auto feature that will fix most of these things for you.

If you find your image didn't quite come out as you expected, it's not a total loss. Instead, use a blur image online tool and place text over the image. Now you have a professional-looking graphic!

Use Professional Photos to Increase Your Business's Online Presence

With the above tips in mind, you can use professional photos to increase your business's online presence. Not only will this increase your web traffic, but it will also make your business appear more professional and reputable.

Start with keeping your content simple by focusing on well-lit photos with single subjects. Then, diversity the image types to give your website some variety. Finally, edit your images with a goal in mind and make sure the image remains realistic and professional-looking.

Now that you know what to do when it comes to professional photos, what type of content will you work on next? If you're interested in creating a business blog, head to the Content and Copywriting section of this site for all the best tips and tricks.