Local SEO Checklist: Search Ranking Factors for 2019

If you are going to grow your business, learning the best local SEO tips is vital. 

Your company needs a strong local presence, and search engine optimization needs to be at the forefront of growing it. The local SEO checklist below will help you make noise with your marketing strategies. 


Follow these tips to learn more.  

A Local SEO Checklist For 2019

When you have your local SEO checklist together, it becomes easier to know which points to use. Search engine optimization should be a focal point for your company moving forward. 

Below let's dive into the checklist that will be useful.  

1. Start Making Videos -- Now!

It's clearer than ever that publishing videos is one of the top ways to garner traction with your search engine optimization. This is a quickly growing, and still largely untapped source for some of the biggest points of SEO success that you can hope for. 

Don't fall into the trap of getting too complex with your videos. Focus on quality, but make sure you can create volume. 

You should create a publishing schedule for your videos that lets you put them out at least a few times per week. This is the way that people prefer to digest their content, and the amount of traffic that YouTube gets daily is a testament to this fact. 

Even if you're just making 2-minute videos to supplement your blog posts, you can't go wrong by creating videos on a regular basis. It helps you connect with your local customers, while also checking the boxes that get your brand ranked. 

2. Make Sure Your Contact Info is Sound and That You're Using Geolocation

If you're taking a local focus, you absolutely need to be sure that your contact information is correct. 

Doing this will allow people to find you without issue. If your site has inaccurate or outdated contact information, you miss out on customers that might not necessarily circle back or correct the mistake. 

Double and triple check your contact info before going live, and make changes quickly when needed. To master local SEO, you also need to make use of Geolocation. 

When people can find your business by GPS coordinates, a mobile Google search will bring you tons of customers. It makes things easier for your customer and keeps your site ranked highly. 

3. Give the People What They Want -- Loads and Loads of (Good!) Content

Today, more than ever, we're living in the age of content. 

Keywords, links, and algorithms are important, but nothing is more important to SEO right now than good content. You need to invest in creating the best content you can, whether it means learning your brand and making content yourself or hiring freelancers to help. 

Start putting together blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and any other content that makes sense to you, and your local SEO will improve. 

4. Secure Several Local Reviews

When you learn more about local SEO, it becomes clear that reviews are foundational. 

Web users will be more likely to access your site and use it regularly if you have a great reputation. In many cases, people will find reviews about you before they even find your site. 

You need to make sure that the web is filled with plenty of authentic, positive reviews on your behalf. Incentivize your customers to not just give you 5 stars, but also write stellar reviews that resonate with people when they read them. 

5. Become Aware of Your Keyword Use

To win big locally, you need to know the local keywords that are ranking. Taking this approach will help you to win the SEO presence that you need from your local competitors. 

This involves continuous research, which means your finger needs to always be on the pulse, and you always need to be optimizing your brand with the right keyword usage. 

6. Masterfully Use Links in Your Content

Consistent and steady link building will help your local SEO by leaps and bounds. 

You need to start using the right mix of internal and external links that will get you great SEO results. Make sure that you are using high DA links with lots of high-ranking keywords, and that you're using them frequently. 

The more work that you put into link building, the better chance you will have to improve your ranking. Be sure that you are using the links subtly and as organically as possible, and that you're not overusing them or only creating content for the sake of the links. 

7. Know Your Brand and Make it Personal

Finally, it's up to you to improve your local SEO by knowing your brand and communicating your message. 

Studies and algorithms aside, people need to identify with you -- especially if you're trying to win local business. This means doing all that you can to learn your brand inside out and communicate on a personal level. 

The more that people feel they know you, the more success you will enjoy. 

Use This Checklist as a Primer

Use this as your local SEO checklist so that you can get what you need from your brand. 

If you're trying to build your brand, local SEO definitely should be a foundational area of focus. These strategies are useful in this regard and can help any brand or business that you run. 

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