Technology and Businesses: 8 Ways Tech Has Altered the Way We Operate

Technology has drastically altered the business landscape over the last 15 years. In this article, we recap some of the biggest leaps our organization's operations have enjoyed with the intertwining of technology and buisnesses.


Here's a challenge: try to name 3 jobs that don't rely on some kind of technology.

It's hard to think when you're reading this article on a phone or computer. You can get irritated with spotty wifi, or struggle to learn a new program, but you have to admit that life is much easier when we use electronics.

Technology and businesses go hand-in-hand in the modern world. With all of its conveniences, it's hard to imagine how people got any work done without it. This article is going to explore 8 ways technology has improved the workplace.

1. Expanding Work Horizons

The impact of technology on business has made it possible to work at any time in any place. According to expert calculations, 56% of American jobs can be done from home. Many business owners and employees alike are realizing the appeals of telecommuting jobs.

Business owners get to cut significant costs by not renting an office space and enforcing the dreaded 9-5 schedule. Employees get to work comfortably from home while saving on gas and not worrying about their appearance.

If work can be done at any time as long as deadlines are met, this means that employee satisfaction improves. Not many people can power through long shifts without having the quality of their work suffer. With all of these benefits, it's hard to see why any business owner wouldn't allow telecommuting if the nature of the job allows it.

Additionally, companies can expand and operate without any boundaries. Conference calls can be made across the world, multiple locations can function identically under one CEO, and people have the freedom to take their business wherever they travel. Whether you're in your local coffee shop or vacationing in Italy, your emails are one tap away.

2. Better Teamwork

Collaboration is crucial for businesses to thrive. Work can be reviewed by many eyes at the same time. Less mistakes are made, and every idea gets shared.

Tools like Trello or Google Drive make it easy for every employee to understand their task and communicate with their peers. Instead of running weekly meetings where people don't pay attention and time is wasted, all the information each individual worker needs to know is outlined on their computer.

3. Technology and Businesses Building Trust

How has technology changed business and public relationships? Social media has done wonders for improving communication and building trust with consumers. Questions asked online can be answered directly within an hour, problems can be corrected, and brands can develop a distinct voice.

Many companies have gotten tons of exposure by going viral online. Funny tweets, competitions, and pictures of products gather lots of attention to increase sales.

As strange as the concept sounds, adding more screens to communication has given businesses a more trustworthy face.

4. Option to Outsource

Sometimes short-term jobs need to get done and it's not feasible for companies to hire another employee. Outsourcing is one of the most clever technology changes in business. People no longer need to waste time mastering many different skills when they can simply hire professionals online to get the project done for a flat fee.

This is especially helpful for smaller businesses who don't have as many resources. Instead of limiting their search to their zip code, they can find their perfect match for the job anywhere in the world.

5. Decreased Expenses

On top of telecommuting, there are other effects of technology on business costs. Plenty of tasks that would require multiple people can all be automated.

Automation is a tool that can help small businesses compete with bigger ones. Bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll have never been more accessible and streamlined.

The technology to automate certain tasks is easy enough for anyone to use. We are living in a transitional period where lots of jobs are being taken over by machines. While this means there are fewer jobs for people now, it's not far-fetched to imagine a world where no one has to work to survive.

6. More Work Gets Done

On a small scale, think about how many more words you can type in a minute compared to writing. It's important for businesses to understand the Internet of Things Definition. The more technology you can employ in the workforce, the better your results are in a shorter period of time.

By connecting everything online to a cloud service, everyone has access to any piece of information they need. No more time is wasted digging through files or making lengthy phone calls to another person who has the information.

Although technology makes it harder to ever put your work down, it's nice to know that you can always work on your own terms.

7. Get More Business

More and more people are exclusively doing business online. Retail stores are closing nationwide because people enjoy the convenience of online shopping. A whole new industry has been created for people who pay other people to go out and do their own shopping.

Businesses have to keep up with consumer desires. This means building an amazing website and maintaining positive reviews.

People like to do their research before buying a product or service. If dozens of other people write bad reports, businesses will either have to change or shut down.

8. Analytics Technology Impact on Business

The internet is watching everything you do and it's taking notes for other businesses to use. This technology is called analytics. Businesses are able to tap into trends, consumer habits, and general interests.

How many times have you shopped for something specific online only to find that same product advertised on your social media? Businesses are able to entice you to buy their product of something they know you're looking for now.

It may sound a little creepy, but it ultimately helps both consumers and businesses. You're able to find the best products and companies are gaining more business.

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